In The Company of Imaginary Friends - artwork and tracklisting

Greetings everybody, here is the new album cover and the 11 new song titles that will feature on our new album - In The Company of Imaginary Friends.

1 -  Like a Mountain
2 -  Somewhere
3 -  Into The Blacklight
4 -  T.C.T.T.Y.A
5 -  Lost it
6 -  Lake's Demand for an Interlude
7 -  No Place Like Drone
8 -  Alive
9 -  Lifeline
10 - Cell Song
11 - Equal Parts Hope and Dread

We have released this album through Pledge music so all Pledgers will receive their albums before the official release date which will be announced shortly.

The album is available to order through Pledge here where you can order it on CD, Vinyl and digital download plus other package deals with hand written lyrics, signed albums and t-shirts etc.

There is also lots of un-released music material available to anyone who pledges and just recently we added the songs 'The Safety in Numbers is Now Zero' Live and 'Only The Names Change' Live with special e-bow guitar guest Robin Foster!

We will be touring this album in October and November so check the dates on the Tour page here to get tickets.

More stuff shortly….


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