Just a quick few lines to keep all informed, Dave Pen will be heading out for a small run of dates with Archive next week and upon return BirdPen head straight back to Eve Studios to finish the last few mixes for the new album. Stay tuned !!




Click to watch a live performance of Nature Regulate filmed live in
Liege, Belgium earlier this year.



253 …… BirdPen News update

It’s been two hundred and fifty three days since we were last at Eve Studios where we have been recording and have now recorded our second BirdPen album… It actually seems quicker driving to Stockport than it does to drive into London but not longer than the nine months it’s been since we were last here. This quiet place with its Iceland supermarket, bakers, butchers and conservative working mans labour pub club has somehow lit up a warm glow in us and also helped improve the old dark skills aswell.. Any drinking establishment that pulls the curtains after last orders and says “stay as long as you want boys” is a good spirited place in my book. Brandy and  a game of darts anyone ? How rock n roll!!

This is the pub not the studio.

Some of the time it seemed like there would be no escape from not being able to complete this album and the finish line seemed to move a step away with every step we took towards it, but we kept faith and stayed strong to regulate together and kept writing ideas and working on it both at home, on the road and always in our hearts and heads. So by the end of November 2011 the record will be finished and then is to be mastered with a 2012 release date to be confirmed. A huge cheers to our nest of fans who have supported us over the last 12 months and cheered on the new tracks of which some will feature on this new album.

Pen is making a short film/documentary about the whole recording of this album and also has been working on some other video ideas for new tracks plus we are currently having an animated video made for the song Nature Regulate. More exciting news on the artist making the video and this song in the coming weeks so stay tuned in.


This is the studio not the pub.


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